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Quality loudspeaker design for over 30 years

                            Award-winning loudspeakers designed in Australia.

Brad Serhan - 'Life Time Achievement' Award 2017. 

The Pure Audio electronics were driving the Brigadier BA-2 monitors into a truly seductive zone for me. Excellent harmonics...great detail...but always musical, top to bottom.
— David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback
We then sit and listen, not saying a word. It’s as though we dare not speak as we might put the band off as they appear to be in the room with us. The speakers have managed to do that magic trick of disappearing from the room leaving only an unconstrained musical performance.
’The Brigadier Mu2 Loudspeaker’
— Jay Garrett, Stereonet UK
The Brigadier BA-2 was able to immediately connect me with the music being played in a way that put the hair on my arms on-end. It had spooky-good presence, warmth, accuracy, timbre, tone, and pitch. I mean, this was like a car accident in slow motion for me: I couldn’t stop myself from just sitting there with my mouth open.
— Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile