Brigadier BA-1 Loudspeaker

The BA-1 loudspeaker is the very pinnacle and expression of our years of technical and subjective know-how.

It begins with our innovative 'box within box' constrained layer dampened, birch-ply enclosures, 'differential bass' loading, the selection of the finest drivers, the critical crossover design process for driver integration, baffle diffraction and phase coherence. 

And of course, the final arbiter, the sound…

Brigadiers Speakers.jpeg

                                            Brigadier BA-1 Specifications

  • 2.5 way

  • Differential Bass Loading(asymmetric bass loading designed to provide better transient response aka 'group delay' and greater bass extension compared to traditional bass reflex designs.

  • 'Floorstanding'


Drive Units

  • Raal ribbon tweeter

    • Super fast transient response and settling time

    • Low nonlinear distortion and exceptional rendering of micro detail

  • Two Seas Excel 6”/165mm Bass/Midrange Drivers

    • High stiffness and critically damped magnesium cone

    • Copper rings around the T shaped pole piece reducing nonlinear and modular distortion

  • Extremely low noise floor cabinet

  • Differential bass loading

  • Constrained layer damping construction technique utilising:

    • Birch Plywood (25mm), MDF (9mm), Rosewood Timber (3mm)

    • Asymmetric bracing

    • ‘Box within box’ design

    • Constrained layered 'at source' damping technology


  • Frequency Response (typical in room response): 32Hz - 30kHz

  • Sensitivity: 89dB/1m/2.83 volts

  • Power Handling (typical music programme): 120 watts

  • Nominal Impedance: ~ 6 ohms

  • Dimensions: Height 100cm, Width 21cm, Depth 36cm

  • Weight: 32 kg each

  • Finish: New Guinea Rosewood


  • Seas Excel magnet system

  • Real Ribbon tweeter technology

  • Cardas Rhodium ‘high purity’ copper binding posts

  • Crossover components utilising Solen high quality air cored inductors

  • Premium Solen/Auricap polypropylene capacitors and non inductive resistors

  • Differential Bass Loading

  • ‘Box within box’ constrained layer damped enclosure